Thursday, September 5, 2013

From father to daughter to my daughters

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Todays post subject is "Pass on some useful advice or information you learned and always remembered"
As a mother it shocked me when I would hear myself say things that my parents use to say to me...
As it turned out through the years it was all very good advice and I still cling to it and try to live by it as well as pass it on to others..... How they receive it depends on them. How you receive it depends on you!

My father always said:

When someone says something or does something hurtful...instead of taking it to heart. Consider the source!
this has helped me move pass some of the hurtful behavior of people in my past. It doesn't mean you have to forget that you have been treated badly. Just don't let it keep you down!

When your dealing with people: Always try to be the better person!. This means that if they are treating you or have acted in a way that has hurt you.... try to be better then that and move past it or set the better example. Not always an easy thing to do. Its hard not to feel like you are always the one making an effort. But perhaps it is what helps keep family's together.  After all would life not be boring if we all thought and felt the same about everything.

When someone is perhaps acting in a way you do not like.... trying to make others believe that you are the problem.... then Kill them with kindness. Another words let it be about them if there is a problem and not about you!  Sort of like the old saying keep you friends close and your enemies closer.

Dad was also very big in saying "tune your attitude in"

The last pearl of wisdom is...
When you find yourself in a hole....
Quit digging!