Friday, September 6, 2013

Tears still come easily remembering when.......

Day 4th... "A story of a time you were very afraid"...
Phew! As a  mother of three very active creative and energetic girls you can pretty much take your pick of several stories I could tell.

My memory  races through several events through out raising the three girls. A couple particular events though stand out way above the others. As scary as it was to find myself in a German hospital after a three day event riding accident with a broken back, partial amnesia and facing what at the time looked to be partial paralysis just  6 weeks before Christopher Reeves broke his back in much the same accident!!! I have to say being called into the hospital after daughter number two had a drop down feed door fall on her head..The door was made of 2 x 6 and heavy. I left her at a Pony Club summer camp to get home to a message that she had been rushed to the hospital and I was to get there as fast as I could. This was in an area where cells didn't work well at all and I didn't have one. I followed the ambulance to Prince George and then after waiting was taken into a room by a nurse and told that my daughter was paralyzed from the neck down! I just remember my world swimming before my eyes and thinking that I had to be brave and strong to get my family and particularly her through this the best I could. I had been living as a single parent for a few years at this time. I had never felt it more! I wondered out of the room and went to locate her. As I sat there holding back the flood of tears and listening to my daughter chatter on, this ashen faced beautiful girl trying to listen to her and yet questions of my own spiraling through my thoughts..... Then the curtains parted and the same nurse looked at me and then looked at my daughter and back again before saying... Oh!... Is this your daughter? I replied yes. she shook her head and started to apologize that she had misspoken earlier and had the wrong mom...Hallelujah .... instant relief washed over me and the tears started to flow. Then it hit me that somewhere in the hospital was someones little girl who was paralyzed... As much as I felt my own relief... I felt their pain!.

This post is for day 6th of the bloggers challenge over at Story of my Life with Jenni.. to read other bloggers memory's click HERE

I'm looking forward to the weekend. Kicking it off with a get together with my lady friends on my deck and enjoying the garden. I also have four days of alone time as Bear goes off to Chicago to meet up with his brother. I love my alone time and its as good as any break away. I have some projects I want to absorb myself in without any distractions or time constraints.
What are you doing in these last days of summer as the sun lowers in the sky and the days shorten.
I also hope to take time to catch up on the other bloggers posts for this challenge something that the week has had me far too busy with clients. Its been a great week though.
Did you get something accomplished that has been on your to do list? Did you learn something new?
Remember it is never too late to be all that you were meant to be......