Wednesday, September 4, 2013

What I would do with three months of "time off"

What a challenging question... Continuing on with the bloggers challenge over at  Story of my life, with Jenni. Click HERE The question is....."What I would do with three months of time off"    
If money wasn't an issue I would most assuredly travel.. I would go to Italy and travel from one end to the other. I would taste all the foods and take cooking courses. Learn how to pair the right wines with each food. I would also go to as many gardens and private estate tours that I could. Hopefully I would also make
some new life long friends...

tuscany villa
After seeing the movie Under the Tuscan sun... I would rent a villa in Tuscany

venice gondola

I would love to learn how to Pole a Gondola in Venice...or even just ride in one!
the cave city of matera
 I'd love to stay in a place in Matera. isn't this lovely. I can taste the food and smell the wine... hear the laughter...

florence art
Im told that if you want to see art then its Florence you go to.

cinque terre manarola

Treking Cinque Terre..... Is this not a colourful place to visit.
bike biking bicycle lucca italy
Ride a bike in Lucca after all with the pasta, wine and chocolate I will need my exercise!lake como

Swim in Lake Como
Indulge your inner chocoholic

Indulge my inner goddess with chocolate in Perugia

rome, gladiator

Train to be a Gladiator in Rome.

I would work my way through a whole list of gardens in Italy and blog about my good fortune so I could share the whole experience with you!

Who knows with hard work and saving every penny plus Gods good grace I might actually get to visit Italy one day... It is my dream trip and on my bucket list!
How about you... What would you do with three months of free time?

Remember it is never too late to be all that you might of been.....