Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Remembering where I come from?

Where do I come from? This will be the first Blogger challenge that I have ever taken part in. After all my blog is about my garden. But, through reading my daughters blog"The way I Wanderlust" click HERE.. and seeing how the questions did just that...they question you on who you are? Who do you want to become? I'm working on a similar idea as a way of seeing who I have been looking back and what I still want to accomplish in the next ten years. You may want to take part in this challenge too! If you do then click HERE

So Who where do I come from?  That is an extremely great question. I was adopted into a family of 10 children. My eldest brother is 22 years older and he had three boys already before I was adopted as did two other sisters! I was born in Carson City Nevada and adopted by Ted and Barbara Imus. They were amazing parents who sadly have both now past on. I like to think of them as riding horse by day and dancing under the moon with a glass of wine by night!  We immigrated to British Columbia when I was barely a year old. I went to school in a two room school house on Francious Lake British Columbia Canada.. from first to sixth grade.Then I moved on to finish school in the little town of Burns Lake BC.  I graduated and then ended up living in Great Britian with a husband who was also adopted..... My first daughter was born in Cardiff Wales, Then a second daughter in Hannover Germany. My youngest and third daughter was born in Frimley England. We are an International Family for sure.
My parents gave me a love of horses, gardening, cooking, nature and crafts. I will turn my hand to most projects except electrical or mechanical.....  I for the most part have passed those same interest on to the three girls... They instantly developed a love for nature and animals and are all three very accomplished riders. All three are in their own ways finding themselves interested in gardening. My girls are the best statement that I have accomplished something great with my life. I think that every parent wonders if they handle certain situations in the best way that they could. There are things in my life I could of done better and made life easier on myself and by extension perhaps on them.
I married into the British Army and therefore I have moved around a lot! Each time I have bought a house in the last 13 years I have told myself its the last move.... That this time I will put down roots! Have a place for the girls and grandchildren  (should there ever be any) to come home too. I do know now though that I haven't finished moving yet! I know that God isn't finished with me yet!  I live for now....As if I will never move and therefore enjoy where I am for the moment. I have lived in five countries. Two states in the USA. Two provinces in Canada, England, Wales and Germany. I have always had gardens of some form everywhere I have lived and like to think that I have left them in far better shape then I found them.
I am now an empty nester and in finding my way as I yet again recreate myself. I've been remarried, left my children in Alberta. Left my career. Left my country to move to Michigan and start a new career and life. Its challenging and exciting and I'm trying hard to make it the best it can be. To be better then I have been. To live fuller and be happier then before and to openly receive and walk with god.

Have a great week everyone and remember....