Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Shopping Contradiction.

I'm actually not much of a shopper... My girls all got that gene from some distant relative because it certainly did not come from either their father or me!.
I grew up in a remote area though where as a child I waited for the Sears Christmas catalog to arrive and would go through it from page to page dreaming of all the different toys making check marks beside all that would be put on the wish list and dancing through my dreams that night. I still do the same with all the seed and plant catalog's. I do not shop on line though for clothes at all. I am a closet hermit. I'd love nothing better then never leaving our acreage again if left to my own devices so having something like needing a new pair of shoes or grocery's is a good thing for me!. I do remember a neighbor trying to talk me into actually signing up for something where your grocery's would be mailed to you....I resisted!
I do "Shop" on line though for ideas and ways to learn new skills. Some of my favorite places to go to learn anything is youtube.. I've learnt how to make cement spheres, carve woodspirits, fix my washing machine, play songs on the guitar and the latest was how to make glass totems. click here.HERE

I like to look for ideas of things I could include in my garden for whimsy. I love the look of this blue glass. I've wanted to include some glass in my garden ever since I went to the Fredrick Meijers  sculpture garden when they had a display by Chuhuly. click HERE to view on line.

I prefer to go and pick out my plants personally but if I can't I sometimes will order on line. One of the latest I've used has been Great Garden Plants .I was greatly impressed with the care given to packaging and getting the plants to you in the best shape possible. Plus as a bonus the company is right here in my area of Holland Michigan.  I do buy  various things for wood carving through gardening from Lee Valley. I guess I will go on line sometimes and look through Crate and Barrel or Ikea for ideas etc because there isn't a store near me or within three hours drive. I just made myself an iTunes account and I've promised my daughter to look on amazon to buy books! I have to admit though that while she was here she got me hooked on going to Barnes and Noble for a coffee and a sit down to look through magazines while I people watch. I can always meet someone new and strike up a conversation.
So again a bit of a contradiction. I am not a shopper.... But, I prefer to actually go shopping then buying on line.