Monday, September 30, 2013

Run Turkey Run.....

Im all about any excuse to get together with family and friends to break bread. There is just something very special about sitting down to eat even something simple that solidify s relationships. Isn't that how we got our Thanksgiving celebration.... The offering of friendship. Well Canadian Thanksgiving is coming up here in a couple weekends. I keep telling the wild turkeys that wander into my yard to run!...
Friday I was a little short on "colour".... I wanted to save it for this Fridays fertilizer Friday over at Tootsie time but because she is having issues with her blog. As in, they deleted it!. Yep! Five years and 700 posts later...all gone..  Anyways I have decided to go a head and share all the beauty that I get to gaze on with my morning cup of tea. Roses.. still looking beautiful and standing out vibrantly 
I have to smile when Im blessed with a reblooming of plants that just shouldn't be blooming right now!.  Do you see the burgendy and yellow pansy in behind the iris.
The clumps of fall flowering Asters really are awesome. The surrounding yellow of the primroses has faded and they've been cut back.
Here we have the blue Caryopeteris and the yellow Trollis along with another clump of the Aster
ornamental crab apples 
Potentilla is still blooming along the rock wall
Can you see the blue rosette at the base of the elephant ears.. I do not know the name of the plant. I have a big pot of them though that after flowering during the winter I cut back. It started a whole bunch of new rosettes and a couple as they grew I removed and put into soil. Now I need to dig them up and put them into pots for the winter.
There are areas throughout the garden that are still looking amazing
I normally do not put a lot of annuals in my gardens. I put this red Celosis in before the last garden tour along with some Solidago. The Solidago has long since faded but look at this colour. Im thinking I need my own little greenhouse to start my annuals for next year.
Phlox and Sedum. This Phlox with my help deadheading it has been blooming since middle of July!
This bi coloured butterfly bush is a real butterfly magnet in the butterfly garden. Far more so then any of the other so called butterfly attracting perennials.
A view of the butterfly garden from the road. Standing between the carpet roses and here. If I turn around you are going to see the carpet roses...

Look at all the colour on the carpet roses... Im actually thinking of moving these up onto the berm so that we can see more of them. At the moment we really only see them when we drive into our property.
The climbing rose keeps putting out clusters of blooms and has been a lot more substantial this year then last year.

I hope you have enjoyed your walk today. Every hour I can steal away and spend enjoying my garden is very precious to me. I even have friends who are dealing with a lot of personal drama that I have invited to walk the garden or just come and sit on the deck. Its amazing how the calmness soaks into my bones and my the tension eases...Im hoping that they can feel some of that therapeutic benefit from being in my sanctuary.
Do you have a place that gives you comfort...that you find peace? All of us need just such a place.
I for one feel very blessed to of found ours. 

Its already come to my attention that some of the bloggers have gotten quiet.... Im thinking of putting together something that we would all link up for you questions that you other wise may not post about but would get you thinking about what worked... what didn't... what will you do differently next year. etc... stay tuned! If there is something you would like us to discuss please drop me a line and I will include it!

Thanks for dropping by... please leave me a note so I know you have been and please do come again!