Tuesday, September 10, 2013

from the first breath......

Day 6th of  Blogtember is to "Describe a distinct moment when your life took a turn!"

Which one? It seems that my life has been a series of turns through mountainous terrain.. I try to live my life though by letting go of the past. Especially the not so happy memories of my past. Lets just say that I have not always made my life easy on myself. I have however always chosen what I have thought to be the best decision for my children and myself at the time... Was I always right?  I can think of some things I would do differently with hindsight...
I would say though that a very distinct moment one that changed my life forever and for the better was when I became a mom. For several reasons really. I remember distinctly knowing that I would put her needs before mine. I looked at this little face that mirrored mine and wondered how in the world my mother could of given me away! I also knew that I was not the ugly duckling that I had been made to believe about myself.
I walked taller, prouder, as if I was the only women who had given birth. From then on it wasn't about me... It was about her and then them as I was further blessed with two more daughters who have grown into wonderful strong, intelligent and  beautiful women. Becoming a mom was the fastest promotion I have ever been given and with out any training. I have always said that you go through the years dealing with things as they come up and never knowing for sure if you dealt with them in the right way.  Looking at how my daughters are turning out. How they care about society and give back by volunteering or through their generosity towards helping others in need. How they have grown up to provide for themselves and continue to follow their own individual dreams. I think through Gods grace I did pretty good.