Monday, September 16, 2013

My not so secret love affair.

As I crawled from my bed not really fully awake, a smile already spreads on my face with the knowledge I will get to spend time with you today. I jump into my clothes slipping quietly down the stairs ninja like so as not to disturb the still sleeping dog. I don't want to share you. I want you all to myself. I quickly make a cup of tea and slip barefoot out on to the deck as the first rays of the sun slice through the overhead tree boughs and wrap their warmth around me. Curling up in the wicker chair I lift my face in anticipation.  I wait as the light washes over you and lets me see you for the first time in days...Its been a long week and other obligations have made me neglect you, keeping me from spending quality time with you.  I feel my body relax as I run my eyes over you. Deciding where to begin...I get up walking closer my smile spreading wider across my face.  My eyes wandering not. You have my full attention for the day as I kneel before you thanking God for blessing me with you.... Knees in the soil and fingers reaching I begin to weed!

Todays Blogtember post was to be a "love letter" not necessarily romantic!..... My garden is my therapist and my addiction! Its my continual educator and the soother of my soul. It grows and blooms under my care and needs me! Perhaps though not nearly as much as I need my garden.

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Have a wonderderful Monday. The beginning of a full week of possibilities!