Thursday, September 12, 2013

Social media or vintage....

Day 8th of the Blogtember is to discuss ways that blogging or social media has changed me.
This is easy! Its made me have to get comfortable with the computer. It all started when my middle daughter decided she was picking up a back pack and taking off on her own to Europe! The three daughters introduced me to "Facebook" so that I would be able to keep in touch with her. Facebook then helped me to reconnect with family members all over the States, people I had met as a British Army wife in country's all over Europe and also friends from high school. It was also the way that my biological sister found me!  I opened up my facebook to chat with my daughters and there it was. A message that read...... I believe you could be my mothers youngest sister....... It went on to tell me a bit about her mother and her grandparents and even that she knew I had been adopted by the "Imus" family etc. All with a push of the reply button I had been found!
Social media is a way of staying connected with people all over the world at the mire push of a button! It does have it pros and cons. As parents we stay connected with our children, family's and friends. It also is marvelous for grandparents who live further distance's from their grandchildren so that they can still feel connected and watch their development. I do not dispute that at all. Do I really need to know what the "stars" are tweeting? Not really! I could care less what they are up too. I do not know them. I also do not for one minute associate them with the characters they portray in a movie. Its their job and not who they are. There are down sides to it too! Just go out anywhere and you will see people sitting together having dinner and everyone at the table is on their smart phones talking to other people or surfing the net, watching movies or sports! Dinner conversation is on the endangered list in a lot of homes!  How about the art of a hand written letter? When was the last time you actually took the time to put pen to paper and write to someone special in your life. Your daughters, son's, husband or parents? I challenge you to enjoy the access of social media's and be thankful for them but to also take the time to send someone a hand written message. Even if that is just too outside your box how about a hand written sticky note on their mirror or somewhere they will find it when they come home or leave for work or school etc. If you want to make an inpact on someone... well then send them a hand written note. That will stand out in their memories. Especially your parents and grandparents. Those of us who miss it!.
Just some food for thought.
Have a wonderful week... Make it a different week. Send some one a note. An actual paper card. Lets all go vintage!